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Flight prices include 3 people up to combined weight of 500 pounds.  Law enforcement and active military discount available. Use discount code “cops20”. Photo ID must be shown at time of the flight.

Don’t see the right flight and want a more personalized itinerary? Use your imagination on what to do for an hour with a helicopter and we can see if we can make it happen!



Lake Chelan Tour

3 Passengers

~ 30 Minutes

Tour the lower end of Lake Chelan. We will pick you up as close to your location as we are able. We will then fly around the Chelan / Manson area. You can choose to look at the towns, houses along the lake, vineyards, orchards, or local wildlife. Some of the old mines on the south side of Chelan Butte are a local jewel!



The Stehekin Lake Tour

3 Passengers

~ 1-3 hours

This one that usually takes our guests up to Stehekin, Methow Valley, or over to Leavenworth. If flying to Stehekin,  for an additional $100 you have the option of landing and driving to the famous Stehekin Pastry Company (when open) and visiting beautiful Rainbow Falls! The flight time for this option is one hour, but we can spend around an 2 hours in Stehekin if we land exploring and eating homemade treats and going for a hike.

helicopter parked in stehekin


Stehekin Valley Ranch Dinner

3 Passengers

~ 4 hours

We will take you from the lower end of Lake Chelan up the lake to the Stehekin Valley Ranch. We will land in the pasture right in front of the cookhouse! You can enjoy dinner and a guided drive to the beautiful Rainbow Falls, bakery, Stehekin dock, and the Stehekin Valley.  Many local residents enjoy this trip, being able to return and sleep in their own bed.

This flight includes dinner for all passengers. One of our bestsellers!


$499 - $550

Lake Chelan Wine Valley Tour

3 Passengers

~ 2 hours

We will begin this adventure by picking your group up at an agreed upon location in the Chelan valley, usually one of our selected wineries. We then fly you to two other wineries in the valley. Not all wineries have landing areas, so we are limited to the ones that we can land at. Your group can spend as much or as little time at these two wineries as you wish! We will usher you off to the next stop whenever you are ready to go! We usually return our guests to the original pick up location, but if transportation is not an issue, we can deliver you to another local spot!

*Cost does not include any purchases or wine tasting fees.

List of wineries available: Lake Chelan Winery, Wapato Point Cellars, Four Lakes Winery, Chelan Ridge Winery, Rio Vista & Rocky Pond on the Columbia River.



One hour rental of Whirly

3 Passengers

per hour

This option gives your group the chance to take short rides in the lower Lake Chelan Valley. We can do as many “up/downs” as you would like for an hourly rate of $620. These rides can last anywhere from 10 minutes up to the whole hour, it is your choice! These rides can be conducted from many locations in the valley. Additional time in 15 minute segments are available, prorated at this rate. Perfect for family reunions or large groups!