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I’m often asked, “when is the best time to fly?” Other than “NOW!!!”  Here are some of my thoughts to answer that question.

Spring is a renewing event. Everything is turning green and fresh. Flowers, blossoms and fresh cut grass add fragrants to the air. For some the pollen goes a little overboard. So many things are springing to life, it is hard not to enjoy Spring. People are anxious to get out and enjoy the days as they warm and lengthen out.

Summer is full of excitement, vacations and adventure. Folks are looking to try new things and enjoy the outdoors. It gets pretty warm and dry here in the Summer. Most schools are out and people are taking vacations.  These long days make for lots of time to be active and adventuresome. We are the busiest in the Summer, what a shock.

Winter is a great time to fly. The air is cool, lucky we have a nice heater in Whirly. Some days the valley clears up and we have such beautiful blue sky. How majestic the view is when the sky meets the freshly fallen snow on the mountain tops. Flying over the mountains is just incredible. Some of the mountain peaks have 20-30 feet of snow on the tops. Seeing animals in the winter is easier than any other time.  I truly enjoy the fresh snow and the views Winter gives us.

I think my favorite time of the year to fly is the Fall. The leaves are turning, air is calm, skies are clear (usually).  The Summer pace has slowed down and things are just a little more laid back. The mountains have their patches of “color”. Nothing, I mean NOTHING, can match the wonderful patchwork of color as we fly over our valley. Each crop variety has different color of leaves. The grapes, apples, pears, blueberries and cherries each have a unique color pattern. Since they are planted in blocks, the colors come together like a giant quilt like Grandma made. Folks have said these colors are more impressive than the famous New England colors.

Each season has great thing to see and do, but Fall is a tough season to beat.