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Lake Chelan Helicopters

View Lake Chelan from the sky


Lake Chelan

Are you looking for a great unique activity while you are visiting Lake Chelan?  Come explore Lake Chelan from the sky as it snakes 50 miles deep into the heart of the cascade mountains.  View the glistening waters surrounded by green apple orchards, wineries on the east and rugged mountains on the west.  View hidden waterfalls, remote meadows and mountain ranges as you travel through mountains towering 7000 feet above the lake.  Join us on a helicopter tour of the Lake Chelan Valley and see it from a whole new perspective.



Nestled deep in the cascades, the remote village of Stehekin in only accessible by boat, hiking or helicopter.  Surrounded by stunning scenery, Stehekin makes for an amazing helicopter tour with an option of a trip to the pastry company or a scenic walk to majestic rainbow falls.  Or, consider taking one of our longer and most popular flight tours which includes dinner at the Stehekin Valley Ranch.


Visit Local Wineries

Lake Chelan offers a one of a kind wine tasting experience. And, what’s more exciting than taking a helicopter tour to go wine tasting.  Come with us to visit a couple local wineries around Lake Chelan.  You can take your time and enjoy the scenery at each location.  We are limited to the wineries we can land at since not all of them have helicopter parking.

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Our Reviews

Go fly, great times and landing at wineries is great fun.

Ollie Marriott

We flew from Manson up to Stehekin and back with Dale. Dale is a low-key, affable, competent professional who takes great pains to ensure his passengers have an enjoyable experience. Dale shared stories of the Chelan area and insights into helicopter flight as we flew over the stunningly beautiful lake and landscape. I'd recommend Lake Chelan Helicopters to friends.

Tom Campbell

Lake Chelan Helicopters LLC is well worth the money. We had a great trip, enjoyed an awesome lunch and even enjoyed a short hike.

Shirley Schreiber

We've done this twice now and both times have had a fantastic time. Dale knows a lot about the area and makes the trip interesting. It's amazing to see the lake and mountains from up high and visit the town of Stehekin where Dale seems to know everyone and everyone knows him. The trip is well worth the money.

Robert Baron

This was a fantastic flight not only because of the beautiful area we flew over but the pilot was exceptionally experienced and made the flight very entertaining. I would highly recommend this for anyone that would like a 'birds eye' view! Gives you a whole new perspective!

Marilyn Minton

Can’t think of a better way to view the amazing scenery that Chelan has to offer. I try to go up in the helicopter every time I get a chance as there is always something new to see in the different seasons. They could double the prices and I would still go up just as much as I currently do

Stewart Poulsen

An extraordinary, once in a lifetime experience. Wonderful pilot who was funny & generous with his time. Highly recommend when you are in Chelan!

Owen Kaestner

Had an amazing tour here back in May, and enjoyed the educational course I got from my pilot as well. Recommend it 100%

Fred Aguilar