Lake Chelan Helicopters is offering one way flights to/from Stehekin and Holden Village.  Flights are on an on-call basis. Passengers can be picked up in Manson or Chelan. The helicopter can take 3 passengers or a maximum of 500 pounds of the passenger’s weight. In the event passengers are spending the night and have luggage, the luggage needs to fit on the 3rd seat as there is not external storage in the helicopter.

Lake Chelan Helicopters is a proud supporter of the local agricultural businesses. During cherry season, usually June and July, we are committed to helping protect the cherry crop from rain damage. When rain water sits in the stem bowl of the cherry the water can be absorbed into the cherry. The skin of the cherry cannot expand quick enough to adjust for this increased volume inside the cherry. The result is the cherry skin splits, ruining the cherry.  Our first priority during this time is to get the rain off the cherries in a timely manner in order to save the crop from ruin. We do this by hovering over the orchards, blowing the rain water off the cherries.  Even on rainy days, there are still windows of opportunity to make the flights to and from Stehekin. We appreciate the schedules and timing of people trying to get to and from Stehekin. We try our best to meet those schedules. Keeping in mind we have a commitment to the cherry farmers, we are happy to accommodate the vacationer’s needs.

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