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Falling Cow Festival

As a kid I was awe struck by the Ag Spray planes flying over our orchard. We lived a short distance from the gravel air strip where AK Platt kept a couple of Bi-wing planes he sprayed with. As he flew over he would wiggle his wings at us. I
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Why this type of helicopter?

Some people ask “why did you choose this helicopter?” There are several reasons why this type of helicopter fits the things we do at Lake Chelan Helicopters. Most helicopters are the sum of many, many parts. Each part has a life time of use. When each part’s hours are used
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What is it like to own a helicopter

People often ask me, “what is it like to own a helicopter?”.  It depends on who is asking what my answer will be. The basic answer is, GREAT! To be free to fly, see and set down pretty much where you want is such a fun adventure. It isn’t all
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